The world of TrujilloAlto Flamenco (Jardines del Hamberguito) has run down and is ripe for apocalypse. The film is a psychedelic melodrama using an infamous tabloid storyline of a Puerto Rican woman hiring a hit-man to murder her American businessman husband at “El Hamburguer” restaurant, my father’s business.  Set in San Juan in the early 2000s, the film part II of a trilogy, fuses contemporary dance, experimental flamenco choreography, poetry, electronic music to interweave issues of ecological erosion, and emotional and economic collapse, The film explores through a female vision how one entity can experience the contradictory feelings of abandonment, violence, and hope—consumer and not consumer that is the dichotomy of living on the island of Puerto Rico.

AON COSMOS 2017-2022

The work Invokes the time after the passage of a devastating storm (María, in 2017), recently I have steered toward mixing materials found in the island from nature to man-made. This sculptural intervention made out of unfired red clay taken from the Gurabo River near my home on a roble tree is part trauma cleansing ritual and artistic manifestation guided by an urgency to create a self-sustaining practice.  The work is dedicated to my grandmother, Pilar, who died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and in whose house it was created.

Post Hurricane Maria my works have steered toward mixing of materials found in the island from nature to the man mand: spoiled tropical fruits, debris from storms, cement, dirt and found clay as botanical pigments while exploring themes of healing storms traumas, fashion and death rituals that explore the intersection of pop culture and ancestral histories. 

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