Alex Nguyen, Kiani del Valle and Cristina Tufiiño

Sources exist in a precarious narrative of two lovers: a nurse and her patient who suffers from an invented cheerios disease. The patient is rendered as a sculpture, unmovable and inert, the perfect object of desire. The nurse lives in the present working as a cemetery caretaker she pieces together the patient’s memory and falls back into her memory of him. The cheerios represent disease in the way of camp but treated with venerance and sentimentality. The patient dies in the story while the screen ultimately becomes contagious with a fantastical cereal disease.

Despite once having been the creator Since I Must Leave My Home is now a closed narrative I can no longer enter and alter its logic. It exists as an artifact from a world forgotten and lost. I was once the creator but now I am a chronicler, unearthing details through archival images and objects, disentangling the tale of malady, love and disease.
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